Manager of Education


Student or recent graduate in Elementary Education, Art Education, Art History, Studio Art or a similar area of study will conduct classroom observations in schools within the San Diego Unified School District, as part of the Museum’s ART OF THE PEOPLE – Student Outreach Program. Observations will take place in 3rd-grade classrooms.

The student will observe 8 – 10 outreach lessons (dates to be determined with project manager) throughout the semester and evaluate the efficacy of the program in a written report that includes but is not limited to the following deliverable metrics:

  • Student and classroom teacher engagement
  • Level of student enthusiasm
  • Participation
  • Facility with and success of projects
  • Connection of art project to cultural context material
  • Connections established with grade-level standards
  • Enrichment and expansion of student understanding of and appreciation for world cultures
  • Realizes an educational opportunity school could not achieve alone
  • Observation of what is done with completed art projects
  • Degree of lesson relevancy to students’ lives
  • Evidence of classroom teacher integrating project themes into curriculum
  • Evidence of classroom teacher learning
  • Connection of lessons to Museum collection
  • Additional criteria to be determined

Each semester a thoroughly written report is due no later than 30 days after the last day of the semester. Payment of $500 will be due upon completion of the report.