Mingei International Museum is dedicated to furthering the understanding of art of the people (Mingei) from all eras and cultures of the world. This art shares a direct simplicity and reflects a joy in making, by hand, useful objects of timeless beauty that are satisfying to the human spirit. The Museum collects, conserves and exhibits these arts of daily life – by unknown craftsmen of ancient times, from traditional cultures of past and present and by historical and contemporary designers.


Mingei International Museum is a place of enlightenment where objects speak for themselves – in line, form and color – the universal language of art. The Museum provides the opportunity for an ever-increasing number of people of diverse ages and backgrounds to experience these enduring expressions of human creativity that know no boundary of time, place or culture. The Museum opens a window on the great world, revealing similarities and distinctions of individuals and cultures and inspiring people to express their own innate creativity.


The core values of the Museum are the basis of our institutional culture by which we set the Museum’s direction and carry out its operations. These values guide the decisions and actions of the trustees, director and staff in relationship with one another and the public.

Excellence We strive continually to learn, improve and incorporate the best practices of the museum field to achieve the highest level of professionalism in ourselves and in the inspiring exhibitions and programs we provide to the community.

Creativity The Museum presents the highest expressions of human creativity from all cultures of the world, with the goal of inspiring its audiences to realize their own innate creativity.

Collaboration We foster engagement and dialogue with the Museum’s internal and external communities, developing partnerships with other museums and community organizations.

Accessibility The Museum provides a welcoming, hospitable and stimulating atmosphere to all. Its Director and staff members strive to communicate clearly and effectively, incorporating consistent branding, contemporary technology and focused outreach efforts.

Accountability We expect integrity, respect, dependability, accuracy and responsibility in the delivery of the Museum’s mission to all its stakeholders.