2017 has been a year of evolution and growth at Mingei International Museum, as we have explored new ways to make the Museum more open and welcoming to everyone. This past year, we took the “Residents” out of Residents Free Tuesdays, and invited ALL visitors to enjoy free entry. Attendance on those days broke Museum records! The Museum also made its permanent collection available online in July. An astounding 25,000 objects from around the world—including textiles, ceramics, beads and toys—can now be viewed online, making Mingei International Museum and ‘art of the world’ accessible to people across the globe. Looking to the future, making the Museum’s Plaza Level free to all, all of the time, is a cornerstone of the Museum’s transformational renovation plans.

It is only with your support that we can continue to make Mingei a place where visitors, students and artists from our community and beyond, can come to delight in treasures of daily life from around the world. Please join your friends, neighbors and other Mingei supporters in contributing to this year’s Annual Appeal. Your gift will help sustain every aspect of the Museum in 2018, helping to ensure Mingei remains a special destination that enriches, inspires and embraces all people.

Thank you to all who donated to Mingei International Museum’s 2017 Annual Appeal:
(Donations received as of January 2, 2018.)

Anonymous Barbara Heckler Frances Petefish in memory of Foy Beck
Terry & Bonnie Abajian Lawrence and Suzanne Hess in honor of Carolyn S. Owen-Towle Laurie Smith Peters
Lyn and Dick Allison Lindsay and Dianne Hill Susan and Tom Polakiewicz
Nancy Anderson Carol F. Hinrichs Kate Potluru
Claire Anderson Julie Hocking Marilyn Prall and Richard Knight
Helena Angelides Robyn Hollingshead Audrey S. Ratner in honor of Anne Weaver
Majid and Val Arbab Marilee Hong Jerry Ray
Sally Ault Jackie Hwang Barbara S. Richards
Robert and Sarah Barnes Eve Hyder Susan Riley
Cia and Larry Barron Carolyn and Scott Ingham Janet Robbins
Jan Bart Nancy A. Inman Toni Robin
Lauren Beaudry Suzanne Jacobs Anne L. Rosser
Margo Bergen Manjula and Alex Jain Joyleen Rottenstein
Doris Besikof Sonja Jones Karl Rudnick and Jill Cooper
Charles and Charlotte Bird Cass Jones John and Bonnie Rush
Alice Bloom Jay and Mary Jayne Jones Patricia Rutledge
Dawna M. Bratten Wayne S. Julien Teresa Salerno
Rhonda Brown Dave Hampton and Gayle Kauihou Robert and Lora Sandroni
Harriet Campe Everett and Anne-Marie Kaukonen Carolyn Satter
Dr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Canada Maurice M. Kawashima Michele Schlecht
Jeffrey Cashvan and Andy Halbert Robert A. Keith Gail Schneider and David Matlin
Lynda Claassen Charles Kennel and Ellen Lehman Connie Schroeder
Marilyn Colby Maureen and Charles King Pat and John Seiber
Rita and Boyd Collier Kathleen V. Kish Elizabeth Seibold
Joe and Ramona Colwell Helen Klein Curt Sherman
Patti and Coop Cooprider Martin and Barbara Kruming Virginia and Lawrence Sherwood in memory of Kate Seeley
Mark Coppos Sergey and Tatyana Kupriyanov Anne C. Sidner
Roger C. Cornell, M.D. Theresa F. Lai Kathleen Sloan
Karen and McDermot Coutts Connie and Lawrence Lambert Lisa Smith
Marijeanne Crabtree Clara Larson Nancy E. Snyder
Marion Craven Barbara Lavinio-Schmitz and Richard Schmitz Pat and Tom Sprague
Patricia Cué Minako Y. Lee Judith Springer
Gary and Denise David Marsha Lindbeck Jeanette Stevens
Jim and Mary Dawe Nancy Lindsay Bonnie and Ray Stewart
Suzanne Demong Jean Litchfield Sheryl and Thomas Stone
Kristina Dendinger Eric and Suellen Lodge Crit Stuart
Katy and Mike Dessent in honor of the entire great staff Claudia Lowenstein Christine Sullivan
Alice and Doug Diamond Jennifer Luce Janet K. Sutter
Carol and Martin Dickinson Pat MacGillis Lisa Suydam
Olivia and Clive Dorman Harold and Beverly Martyn Takahashi Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Carolyn Dreyer in honor of Anne Weaver Maureen J. McBreen The GE Foundation
Jack and Lorrain Duffy Christine McFadden E. E. Tourtellotte
Aileen and Dan Emer Erin McGinn Irving G. Tragen
Jeane Erley Courtenay C. McGowen UBS Financial Services
Heidrun Faulconer Douglas and Susan McLeod Sara Vickers
Richard & Beverly Fink Family Fund Joan N. McNamara O. Humberto and Yolanda Viveros
Arline M. Fisch Ernest Meadows Gwynne A. Wady
Matthew and Dale Fisher Carol Mendoza Shirley Walkoe
Ashley Fong and Alex Whitmore Elinor Merl and Mark Brodie Robert D. Wallace in honor of Terri Bryson
Caroline S. Frederick Bonnie Minamide Patricia L. Waller
Catherine R. Friedman Susan G. Mitchell Nell Waltz
Barbara Fryer Nessa Moll Katharine Wardle and Patricia Brennan
Dick and Zita Gardner Capt. and Mrs. Gary Elwyn Monell Warren Family Foundation
Jessie Gates Judith B. Morgan Mike and Betzi Weinberg
Joyce M. Gattas, PhD Regina M. Morin Jo and Howard Weiner
Bobbie Gilbert Marian Moses in memory of my daughter Deb Abby and Ray Weiss
Bill and Sharon Goldschneider Sheena and Wayne Myers Linda West
Dr. Thomas J. Green and Mrs. Rosalie Green Anne Neiger Sarah White and David Gray
Jane Groover Maydahl Joani Nelson Frances Hamilton White
Doris L. Gulley Nancy Nenow Lynn and William Whitehouse
Andrea Hanson and Chris Szwedo Judith Nicolaidis David A. Wood
Jay and Mary Hanson Caroline and Nick Nordquist Arch and Carol Woodard
Carol Harlow in memory of Patricia Jacobs Thomas and Tanya O’Donnell Ann and Dan Worth
Donna Harris Micki Olin and Reid Abrams Emiliene M. Yaeger
Patrick Harrison and Eleanor Lynch Ellen O’Neal LeAnna S. Zevely
Jim and Barbara Hartung Kimberly and Charles Pack Terri Peterson Zimdars
George M. Hecht Mark and Jeanene Perry Beverly and Allan Zukor