You helped us reach our goal!

Thank you to more than 200 generous donors listed below that helped us reach an ambitions fundraising goal of $200,000! This focused goal, part of the full Capital Campaign, supports vital components of the Museum’s new Education Center.

Your generosity helps to ensure that San Diego’s children and learners of all ages will experience a greatly expanded roster of hands-on education programs and inspiring craft workshops at a transformed Mingei.


Thank you!

(Donations received as of March 26, 2019.)

Rev. and Mrs. Kenji Akahoshi
Eugene A. and Patricia C. Alfaro
Libby Andersen
Nancy Anderson
Claire Anderson in Honor of Founder Martha Longenecker
Ellen Anderson
Sally Ault in memory of Barry, Mariella and John
Joyce Axelrod Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Warren and Barbara Bakley
Lainie Baldwin
Dr. Joseph Ball and Ms. Jennifer Ball
Larry J. and Lucinda Barrick
Jan Bast
Mary Beebe and Charles Reilly
Marilyn Billingsley and Kirby Pray
Charles and Charlotte Bird
Arthur Boothroyd and Carol Mackersie
David Boufford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bowden
Devra Breslow
Althea M. Brimm
Robert Buchanan
Carmela Caldera Bowen
Harriet Campe
Dr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Canada
Lisa Capper and Wm Jesse King
Kathleen and Earl Certain
Dr. Kathleen Charla
Lynda Claassen in honor of Rob Sidner
Renee Cokin
Patti and Coop Cooprider
Roger C. Cornell, M.D.
Ann Rea Craig
Marion E. Craven
Patricia Cué
Alison Cummings
Denise and Gary David
Jim and Mary Dawe
Mrs. Kristina Dendinger
Katy and Mike Dessent in honor of Martha Ehringer
Olivia and Clive Dorman
Jack and Lorrain Duffy
Bernard J. Eggertsen and Florence Nemkov
Drs. Steve Eilenberg and Marie Tartar
Jeane F. Erley
Heidi and John Farkash in memory of Nessa Moll
Marilyn K. Felfe
Arline M. Fisch
Dale and Matthew Fisher
Barbara Fishman in memory of Daniel Fishman
Ashley Fong and Alex Whitmore
Lotus Fragola
Sandra Francour
Caroline S. Frederick
Theresa Friederich-Takasugi and Wayne Takasugi
Catherine R. Friedman
Jessie Gates
Joyce M. Gattas, PhD
Ruth M. Gilbert
Dr. Faye Girsh
Lisa Hamilton
Andrea Hanson and Chris Szwedo
Jay and Mary Hanson
Carol Harlow
Patrick Harrison and Eleanor Lynch
Jim and Barbara Hartung
Susan S. Hayes
Carol F. Hinrichs
Julie Hocking
Judy Hollingshead
Robyn Hollingshead in honor of Judy Hollingshead
Marilee Hong
Jane and Bruce Hopkins
Nikki Hrountas
Meta Butler Hunt
Scott and Carolyn Ingham
Stan and Patty Jacobs
Margaret Johnson
Sonja Jones
Kathy and Rob Jones
Christine Justice
Anne-Marie and Everett Kaukonen
Maurice M. Kawashima
Robert A. Keith in loving memory of Elizabeth Keith
Kristin Kelly
Heather and Ron Kerner
Maureen and Charles King
Kathleen V. Kish
Helen Klein
Roberta Klein in memory of Stanley H. Klein
Eric and Zoe Kleinbub
Dave and Sue Knop
Jean F. Kockinos
Ellen Koutsky
Martin and Barbara Kruming
The Kubo Family
Sergey and Tatyana Kupriyanov
Peter and Sue Ladouceur
Theresa F. Lai
Alan Lawson
Susan Lehman
Kate Leonard and Richard Forsyth
Nancy Lindsay
Jean Litchfield
Eric and Suellen Lodge
Robin B. Luby
Luce et Studio in memory of Patty Jacobs
The Lundsten Family
Beverly Maloof
Harry Markowitz
Harold and Beverly Martyn
Gene and Marilyn Marx
Sue Mason
Betsy H. Massee
Richard C. Matheron
Margaret Matter
Karen H. McBride
Ann A. McDonald
Christine McFadden
Douglas and Susan McLeod
Renee Menard
Carol Mendoza
Elinor Merl and Mark Brodie
Susan Milner
Bonnie Minamide
Rena Minisi and Rich Paul
Billie Moffitt
Molitor/Emer Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Capt. and Mrs. Gary E. Monell in honor of Constance W. Monell
Liz Morrison
Marian Moses in memory of My Daughter Deb
David and Becky Mrachek
Daniel R. Mueller and JoAnn Pari-Mueller
Karen and Tom Mulvaney in honor of Dick Woltman
Sheena and Wayne Myers
Anne and Ralph Neiger
Joani Nelson
Lyn Nelson
Caroline and Nick Nordquist
L. O’Neil
Charles and Kim Pack
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pecht in honor of Maureen King
Mark and Jeanene Perry
Frances Petefish in memory of Foy Beck
Laurie Smith Peters
Susan and Tom Polakiewicz
Kent and Jill Porter in honor of Carol Hinrichs
Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation
Elke Radelow
John and Lesley Randall
Jerry Ray
Robert Reese
Doug and Jan Rightmer
Susan Riley
Janet Robbins
Bea and Tom Roberts
Toni Robin in honor of Rose Robin
Joyleen Rottenstein
Karl Rudnick and Jill Cooper
Raquel Rudoy
John and Bonnie Rush
Patricia Rutledge
Teresa Salerno
Carolyn Satter
Michele Schlecht
Carol Schloo-Wright
Gail Schneider and David Matlin
Connie Schroeder
Elizabeth Seibold
Karen Seo and Daniel Lee in honor of Rob Sidner
Curt Sherman
Helen Shirk
Gay Sinclair
Kathleen Sloan
Lisa Smith
Nancy E. Snyder
Judith Springer
Jeanette Stevens
Bonnie and Ray Stewart
Thomas Straus
Lisa Sidner Suydam
Sandy and Michael Swirnoff
Takahashi Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Gerald L. Thiebolt
Irving G. Tragen
Angie Turner
Dr. Osvaldo Humberto Viveros and Mrs. Yolanda Viveros
Violet Wagener
Robert D. Wallace in honor of Terri Bryson
Patricia L. Waller
Sharon Watson
Dr. and Mrs. M.D. Weinberg
Abby and Ray Weiss
Rachel Wells
Linda J. West
Frances Hamilton White
Al and Armi Williams
Carole Wilson and Robert Brandt
Li-Ann Wong
David A. Wood
Arch and Carol Woodard
Ann and Dan Worth in honor of Mingei’s amazing & dedicated staff!
Emiliene M. Yaeger
Terri Peterson Zimdars
Barbara ZoBell