Nearly 400 pieced and appliqued quilts exhibit colorful patterns, geometric designs, and regional variations.

Hand- and machine-stitched quilts display the great skill, ingenuity, and creativity of their makers. Examples include pre-Civil War, Amish, African American, Log Cabin, Red and White, Charm, and Album quilts, as well as a linsey-woolsey quilt from around 1800.


Pineapple Quilt thumbnail

Pineapple Quilt

20th Century

An interesting mix of cultures, these quilts employs applique to depict the local flora in one or two colors on an off-white or cream background.

Log Cabin Quilt, Civil War Barn Raising thumbnail

Log Cabin Quilt, Civil War Barn Raising

c. 1865

Log Cabin quilt designs begin with a center square, then strips are sewn in sequence around the sides of the square, varying the values between light and dark.

New York Beauty Quilt thumbnail

New York Beauty Quilt

c. 1845

This quilt is made from little scraps of fabric, requiring expert sewing skills by its maker because of the many small stitches and the intricate saw tooth outlines.

Child's Bed Quilt thumbnail

Child's Bed Quilt


Made for a child’s bed, this quilt is a variation on the Log Cabin pattern.

Jacquard Coverlet thumbnail

Jacquard Coverlet


This coverlet has two signature blocks, both reading “Wove in Logan Co. Ohio by I.M. 1848.”

Red and White Quilt Top thumbnail

Red and White Quilt Top


Red and white has been a classic color scheme for American quilts since the 19th century.

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