2020 Annual Appeal | Mingei International Museum

Your generosity helps to ensure that children and learners of all ages will experience a greatly expanded roster of hands-on education programs and inspiring craft workshops at a transformed Mingei.

2020 has been a year unlike any other — one where all of us have been, and continue to be, affected by the global pandemic. Still, Mingei International Museum continues to be here for the community — reaching thousands with free arts programming, and just this September, presenting the first-ever San Diego Design Week.

Our annual contributors and members, since our closure for renovation, have enabled Mingei to serve San Diego while the physical Museum is closed. We are bringing Family Sunday to families quarantined at home, mailing free art materials and providing engaging how-to videos and live tutorial events. Our Art of the People outreach program is virtual too, with staff distributing craft kits, lesson plans and essential supplies to support students, parents and educators at schools in City Heights. We invite you to contribute to our Annual Appeal to allow the Museum to continue to provide essential programs like these.

Your support will also help us share Mingei’s unique collection from around the world with community exhibitions like 2019’s Crafting Opportunity at the Downtown Public Library and this fall’s MANEKI NEKO—Japan's Beckoning Cats at the Japanese Friendship Garden and Around the World with Mingei International Museum at the Coronado Public Library. We know the exhibition experience will be different, but we also know that now, more than ever, our exhibitions of folk art, craft and design can provide San Diego with inspiration and respite.

As we continue to plan for a bright future, we look forward to welcoming you, in 2021, to a transformed Mingei — a more accessible, dynamic museum for all. Until then, the Museum will do all it can to spark creativity and share beauty with students, families, grandparents, artists and virtual “visitors” of all ages.

2020 Annual Appeal Supporters

as of February 12, 2021

Thank you for your essential support!


Rick Accurso and Paige Gilman

Karen and Kenji Akahoshi

Lorna Alcala

Eugene A. and Patricia C. Alfaro

Gary Allard

American Quilt Study Group

Nancy Anderson

Greti and John Baez

Warren and Barbara Bakley

Elaine Baldwin in honor of Theresa Lai

Venita Ballinger in memory of Arlene Eding

Katherine Bangen

Robert and Sarah Barnes

Cia and Larry Barron in honor of Margaret Adams

Jan Bast

Lori Baxter

Connie Beardsley

Lauren Beaudry

Mary Beebe and Charles Reilly

Sol and Virginia Blechman in memory of Nessa Moll

Arthur Boothroyd and Carol Mackersie

Penelope Borax in memory of John Donald

Pat Boyce and Debbie Fritsch

Althea M. Brimm

Gordon Brodfuehrer

Terri Bryson

Harriette E. Buros

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Canada

Judith Ciampoli

Lynda Claassen

Linda Coates

Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Cochrane

Nan Coffin and Richard Burkett

Cecelia Conover

Roger C. Cornell, M.D.

Marion E. Craven

Patricia Cué

Alison Cummings

Donna J. Damson

Gary and Denise David

Jim and Mary Dawe

Katy and Mike Dessent in honor of Mingei's entire staff during COVID

Nancy Dewees

Carol and Martin Dickinson

Olivia and Clive Dorman

Carolyn Dreyer

Jack and Lorrain Duffy

Berit and Tom Durler

Peter and Doris Ellsworth

Judy and Ron Endeman

Marilyn K. Felfe

Diane and Elliot Feuerstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Arline M. Fisch

Dr. Jacque Lynn Foltyn

Ashley Fong and Alex Whitmore

Joan L. Forbes in honor of Lucia Snalheer

Kay and Terry Foster

Lotus Fragola

Catherine R. Friedman

J. R. Gates

Joyce M. Gattas, PhD

Christine Gill

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldbaum

Bill and Sharon Goldschneider

Marcy Goldstone

Laurel Gonsalves

Jonathan Goodmacher

Beverly Goodman

Edry Goot

Leslie Grace

Anne Grauzlis

Dr. Thomas J. Green and Mrs. Rosalie Green

Tor Gronborg and Michelle Look, M.D.

Jane Groover Maydahl

Gail Hall and Douglas Hall

Jay and Mary Hanson

Andrea Hanson and Chris Szwedo

Carol Harlow

Patrick Harrison and Eleanor Lynch

Barbara and Jim Hartung

Diana Hawes

Jerome L. and Lucille Heard

Michelle and Ron Hebdon

Lawrence and Suzanne Hess

Lindsey High in honor of Maureen King

Julie Hocking

Judy Hollingshead

Marilee Hong

Jane and Bruce Hopkins

Melanie Howe

Mary M. Howell

James T. and Anne Hubbell

Geoffrey Hueter and Laura Henson

Scott and Carolyn Ingham

Marsha Janger and Richard Shapiro

Nancy C. Janus

Sonja Jones

David K. Jordan

Louise Julig

Miriam L. Jupp

Gayle Kauihou and Dave Hampton

Maurice M. Kawashima

Kristin Kelly

Dr. Patricia R. Kelly and Mr. Michael Kelly

Heather and Ron Kerner

Phyllis M. Kessel

Paula King

Karen Kinney and Mary Schilling

Kathleen V. Kish

Helen S. Klein

Eric and Zoe Kleinbub

Dave and Sue Knop

Nancy and Curt Koch

Jean F. Kockinos

Aline Koppel

Ellen Koutsky

Martin and Barbara Kruming

The Kubo Family

Theresa F. Lai

Clara Larson in memory of L. Curtis Larson

Eloise Lau and Dan Kinnard

Barbara Lavinio-Schmitz and Richard Schmitz

Alan Lawson in memory of Arlene Sontag

Michael and Teresa Lewis in honor of Theresa Lai

Jean Litchfield

Claudia Lowenstein

Robin B. Luby

Kyong Macek

James and Carol Maloney

Julianne and Gregory Markow in honor of Audrey Ratner

Harold and Beverly Martyn

Wendy Maruyama and Bill Schairer

Ambassador Richard C. Matheron in memory of Katherine Matheron

Sharon McGhee

Courtenay C. McGowen

Jeanne M. McGowen

Margaret McKerrow

Douglas and Susan McLeod

Renee Menard

Carol J. Mendoza

Elinor Merl and Mark Brodie

Judy Meyer in memory of Arlene Eding

Clyde and Kathleen Miller

Bonnie Minamide

Rena Minisi and Rich Paul

Deborah Moceri

Billie Moffitt

Judith B. Morgan in memory of Elizabeth and Joe Yamada

Liz Morrison

David and Becky Mrachek

Daniel Mueller and JoAnn Pari-Mueller

Alo Munizza

Sheena and Wayne Myers

Joani Nelson

Lyn Nelson

Carl D. Nelson in honor of Tindera DiStefano

Nancy Nenow

Rhoda Nevins and Eddie Kleiman

Judith Nicolaidis

Caroline and Nick Nordquist in honor of Heather, Christine, Cristina and Jess

Amber O'Banion and Alexis O'Banion

Virginia Oliver

Catherine and Bob Palmer

Sharon Perkowski and Mariah Smith

Frances Petefish in memory of Foy Beck

Gale and James Petrie

Jared Post

Claudia Prescott

Kerianne Quick

Dennis Ragen and Christine Hickman

Audrey S. Ratner

Jerry Ray

Vicki and Jack Reed

Joan Reilly and Satinder Raina

Doug and Jan Rightmer

Susan Riley

Rob Roberto

Toni Robin TR/PR

Allison Rossett

Joyleen Rottenstein

Patricia Rutledge

Cathy Sang

Sharon Salazar in memory of Pat MacGillis

Carolyn Satter

Mark Schantz

Susan Schiffer

Patricia Schneider

Connie Schroeder

Judy Seerey

Pat and John Seiber

John Shen

Curt Sherman

Virginia and Lawrence Sherwood in memory of Kate Seeley

Barbara Skidmore

Kathleen Sloan

Lucia W. Smalheer

Nancy E. Snyder

Elisabeth Spiegelberg

Jeanette Stevens

Thomas Straus

Cynthia Stribling and Paul Webb

Lisa Sidner Suydam

Sandy and Michael Swirnoff

Takahashi Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation

Kathy Till in honor of Maurice and Charmaine Kaplan

Margaret P. Trader

Irving G. Tragen in memory of Nessa Moll

Sandra Tredwell and Robert Scott

Paul Turner and Lizette Liebold

Angie Turner

Wayne and Rose Tyson

Sara Vickers

Leslie Vinson

Dr. Osvaldo Humberto Viveros and Mrs. Yolanda Viveros

Helen Wagner in honor of Founder Martha Longenecker

Julie Walke

Robert D. Wallace in honor of Terri Bryson

Patricia L. Waller

Katharine Wardle and Patricia Brennan

Marian Warwick

Jon Weisenburg

Abby and Ray Weiss

Linda J. West

Linda M. White

M. E. Whitlock and Don Fithian

Hilary Whittaker

Al and Armi Williams

Arch Woodard

Emiliene M. Yaeger

LeAnna S. Zevely

Terri Peterson Zimdars

Please Note

Masks are required for all guests (ages 2+) inside the Museum, regardless of vaccination status.