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The Center for World Music’s series Music on the Move commences with the captivating tale of Ali Paris, an acclaimed and award-winning Palestinian musician renowned for his mastery of the qanun, an Arab zither, and his soulful vocal performances. At this event, Ali Paris takes us on a remarkable journey from his homeland to the US, where he sought out artistic and educational opportunities by attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music and furthering his musical career. The presentation includes a moving testimonial and a captivating musical live performance by Ali Paris and his all-star ensemble.

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More About the Concert

Ali’s musical journey shines a light on the hurdles he encountered as a young, gifted musician seeking musical opportunities outside his homeland. While not a refugee, his story is one of perseverance and hope that resonates with many refugee and migrant stories. Ali Paris’s unwavering commitment to showcasing Arabic music in collaborations with international artists from diverse musical backgrounds and genres, such as Alicia Keys, Alejandro Sanz, and Bobby McFerrin, sends a powerful message of community, empowerment, and hope to those who have encountered similar struggles.


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