Center for World Music, July | Mingei International Museum

Join Mingei and the Center for World Music in the final series' performance and exciting evening of dance and music inspired by the percussion-centered pungmul traditions of the Korean peninsula. The San Diego Korean Pungmul Ensemble will present the colorful and dynamic Korean tradition of folk performance that features drumming but also includes lively dancing and singing.

Rooted in village culture, pungmul was originally performed as part of farm work, at harvest festivals, and to accompany shamanistic rituals or mask dances. Villagers would come together to play and dance to the rhythms, expressing solidarity and relieving the hardships of their daily lives. Also known as nogak (farmer’s music), pungmul was recognized as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Korea in 1966.

Since the mid-twentieth century, new styles of pungmul have been created, bringing the outdoor tradition to contemporary urban audiences in concert halls. Musicians are now experimenting by fusing the traditional music and dance with different genres, such as rock, jazz, or classical music.

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Please note: The Museum will be closed Monday, July 4.