Art Break | Mingei International Museum

Turkish coffee is not only a drink but also a fortune-telling tool, a prenuptial test, and a wonderful means of connection that holds an extraordinary place in Turkish culture, steeped in tradition and ritual. There is a famous Turkish saying that goes, “A cup of Turkish coffee is remembered with appreciation for 40 years," meaning that offering a cup of coffee strengthens a friendship. Join Representative of the House of Türkiye, Ece Erdemli, as she shares insights into the cultural importance of Turkish coffee, its serving customs, the spirit of hospitality embedded within it, and the intriguing practice of fortune-telling. Using traditional methods, Ece will skillfully prepare Turkish coffee over hot sand and serve authentic Turkish coffee for attendees to enjoy.

The mission of House of Türkiye is to promote the universal awareness of the diversity and richness of the Turkish culture, country, and people. Through cultural activities and social events, they work to promote better understanding of the Turkish way of life, its democratic policies and peaceful choice on global decisions.


Shannon Foley

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