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In this talk, Carmen Artigas, a former shoe museum curator, will discuss what shoes can tell us about a person, what lies behind the history of footwear and its role as a symbol of social and economic status, moral values, and in some cases as examples of poor taste. She will discuss cultural identity, iconic shoemakers and designers, the origin of heels, and the true inventor of sneakers. Artigas will cover many historical periods, from Egyptian pharaohs to European royalty, as well as who and what inspired the trends.

About Carmen Artigas

Carmen Artigas is a multidisciplinary designer and sustainable fashion consultant born in Mexico City. Her experience as the curator for the only Shoe Museum in Latin America, El Borcegui, which housed a global collection of more than 5,000 historical shoes, provided her fluency in Fashion Anthropology and helped her develop an extensive understanding of historical shoe design and construction techniques in every ethnicity and time period.

Caption: Shoes by Thea Cadabra

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Kristi Ehrig-Burgess

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