Craft Unraveled | Mingei International Museum

Craft Unraveled invites you to observe the magic of making, ask questions about materials, creative processes and the meaning of craft. Following Glenn Adamson's lecture, join textile artist Denja Harris and metalsmith Rafael Rios-Mathiudakis as they demonstrate their craft.

Denja Harris is a textile artist based in San Diego, CA. Her work explores the world around her, re-imagined into experimental fiber art. Examining nostalgia by sourcing deadstock yarn in playful, vibrant colors and a variety of textures, she creates layered, free-form abstract patterns that take shape in an organic process. Her goal is to have the viewer take a step out of their current reality and explore their own unconscious imagination. Each piece reflects work that is never duplicated, revealing how function and art can be combined to enhance a space and emphasize visual stimulation.

Rafael Rios-Mathiudakis is a metalsmith with a focus on working with gold, silver, bronze and copper. Born in Guatemala City and now living in San Diego, his journey as a metalsmith started while traveling around the American continent. In 2015, Elijo Rojas, a master of Filigree jewelry, took Rafael on as an apprentice in Mompox, Colombia. They focused on the old process of metalwork that originated in Yemen and extended to the European continent before it moved to the American continent due to colonization. After this learning process Rafael dedicated six years to exploring other techniques and finding his own style. He is now the owner of a small jewelry studio in the heart of Barrio Logan and that's where he creates, teaches and showcases his work.


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