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Disco Riot presents its first Queer Mvmnt Fest! For the final night of the festival, Disco Riot will host the Youth and Family Night at the Museum, welcoming all ages and families. It will feature artists who identify as part of the queer, trans and gender-nonconforming dance community in San Diego and beyond.

Queer Mvmnt Fest will empower and showcase LGBTQ+ artists from all backgrounds through performances, workshops, discussions, and classes geared for affinity groups as well as open to the general public. The festival will further highlight the work of BIPOC artists within the LGBTQ+ community, examining and centering the need for addressing inequity through an intersectional lens. It is the first of many actions toward the representation and celebration of queer and BIPOC dance artists in the San Diego community.

4:30-5pm | Workshop   “Exploring Queer Identity Through Intuitive Expression” In this workshop we will use intuitive expression as a tool to get to know ourselves more. We will breathe mindfully, move our bodies intuitively, and explore our queer identity through creating a visual art piece to take home.

6-7:30pm | Show  Live performances and short dance films that highlight LGBTQ+ youth and family experiences.

7:30-9pm | Panel Discussion, Information Session, Mingle  This conversation will focus on the possibilities within dance performance for the queer community. How does dance help queer youth become accepted? How does dance performance carve out space for emerging queer youth? How can dance empower and promote inclusivity, diversity, and cross-cultural awareness? Facilitated by José Héctor Cadena.

About Disco Riot Disco Riot exists to elevate a collaborative art culture in San Diego and beyond — because the world needs more movement-based art. We connect dancers and artists who want to move themselves and audiences in ways that push boundaries to make high-impact art that promotes community, justice and movement as a form of radical expression.


Cristina Godinez

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