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Get a sneak peek of Visionary Dance Theatre's new works to be performed at this year's San Diego’s DanZen Fest — a dance festival held at 10th Avenue Theatre from June 6-July 3 with performances by choreographers from around the world.

Proceeds for this event will go towards scholarships for children, helping to curate the next generation of performers and role models in the arts because people of all backgrounds have a voice worth hearing and a story worth sharing.

About Visionary Dance Theatre Visionary Dance Theatre is a diverse company that utilizes dance as a form of activism, enhancing communities through the arts by performing works with themes of social justice and offering affordable classes to children and adults. This includes pay-what-you-can adult dance and fitness classes and scholarships for children from underserved and marginalized communities, as well as training with the award-winning and critically acclaimed Kidz Danz Kompany.


Cristina Godinez

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