Celebrating the 1994 International Year of the Family, FIRST COLLECTIONS, presented a fresh edition of a recurring theme in its exhibition history. The exhibition included toys from the Museum’s permanent collection and other rare toys loaned from private collectors. With objects from 28 countries of the world, the emphasis of the exhibition was on the striking similarities among toys from various cultures, toys brought into existence by an urge to play that is common to all mankind and a source of marvelous creative energy throughout the world.

The exhibition included films by Ray and Charles Eames: “Parade,” “Toccatta for Toy Trains,” and “Tops,” along with “Calder’s Circus,” and “The Goulden Baby House” narrated by John Darcy Noble.

FIRST COLLECTIONS was funded in part by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Program.


On View: Oct 08, 1994 - Dec 31, 1994

Curator: Martha Longenecker

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