HORSES was funded in part by the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Program.

This exhibition from the Museum’s permanent collection included objects from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Great Britain, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States of America. Some were made as toys — a herd of Swedish horses, a Scottish rocking horse and a carousel or derby horse from England. Others have religious or ceremonial functions — the Indian horse in honor of Lord Aiyanar and a dance horse from Indonesia. Most of the horses were fashioned from wood, but metal, clay and straw objects were also on display. In addition to the horses, a selection of Navajo blankets and other American Indian textiles were shown.

The Museum’s video, THE HORSE IN FOLK ART, accompanied the exhibition.


On View: Jan 14, 2004 - Jun 11, 2006

Curator: Martha Longenecker

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