In Their Own Words—Classic and Contemporary Native American Art presents classic art from North America’s indigenous artisans shown alongside paintings by four native-Californian contemporary artists:

L. Frank

Robert Freeman

Billy Soza Warsoldier

Catherine Nelson-Rodriguez

The classic art of the indigenous peoples of North America is as diverse as the nations that created it. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, Native American classic art became popular with tourists. Styles and designs were changed to meet the demands of this new market of settlers, trading companies, and collectors. As many native nations were removed from their homelands and and moved to reservations, selling crafts and art often became a means of survival.

Today, Native American art encompasses every style, medium and message, and is as distinct as the individual artist. The four California artists represented in this exhibition share two things: they predominantly work on canvas with oils or acrylics and they all project a personal message in their work.


On View: Feb 19, 2011 - Sep 05, 2011

Curator: Jennifer Garey

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