A great menagerie from the collection of Mingei International Museum drawn from cultures across the globe, an entire zoo to delight and astound: from India – monumental ritual horses of Lord Aiyanar from Tamil Nadu, a maharajah’s steed in painted wood, painted clay animals by Sonabai Rajawar; papier mache toys, a horse for a Daimyo’s son and Maneki Neko from Japan; from Mexico Manuel Jimenez painted wood figures and Candelario Medrano painted clay mythical animals and a horse clad entirely with beads by the Huichol Indians of Jalisco; carousel animals from Spain and the United States of America; armadillos of clay, wood and metal from Central and South America; a monumental stone ram from Han dynasty China; Zuni owls; African animal masks; Toikka glass birds from Finland and many other familiar and exotic species.


On View: Mar 23, 2013 - Sep 08, 2013

Curator: Christine Knoke

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