A mini-exhibition of tequila bottles, on loan from El Agave, an award-winning Mexican nouvelle cuisine restaurant and tequileria in Old Town San Diego, is a complementary exhibition to ¡VIVA MÉXICO! — Heroes and Artisans. Tequila, a distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant, a relation of the lily, is a descendant of the ancient drink pulque and as poet Alvaro Mutis wrote, “is a gift of the gods.” It is also a culture, and as such has inspired its own art, among which are the bottles it comes in.

Grouped together by design, shape and label design, the bottles in the exhibition are made from ceramic and glass. Ceramic bottles celebrate important historical figures such as Pancho Villa and Junipero Serra, as well as California Missions, Pre-Columbian motifs and the Aztec calendar. Lithographic labels commemorate celebrated figures such as Frida Kahlo and film star Pedro Infante. Humorous bottles depict a soccer ball, worm and devils – El Diablo. Other bottles feature elaborate metalwork, painted ceramic in the azulejo style and internal sculptures in hand-blown glass.

Collection Source: El Agave


On View: Aug 08, 2010 - Jan 02, 2011

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