Organized by Tohoku Fukushi University Serizawa Keisuke Art and Craft Museum, Sendai, Japan. The exhibition was funded in part by the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Program.

Designer, painter, illustrator, dyer and book and print maker, Keisuke Serizawa was named a Living National Treasure by the Emperor of Japan for his distinctive kataezome style, combining Japanese dyeing techniques with those of Okinawan bingata. More than 100 examples of his work including kimono, noren, (door hangings), book designs, folding and hanging screens and obi (kimoni sashes) appeared in the exhibition. The exhibition included selections from Mingei International’s collection of Serizawa’s work.

Exhibition documentary publication was produced by the Riverside Museum Press.

THE ART OF KEISUKE SERIZAWA – Master of Pattern and Color was shown during the run of the exhibition. The artist’s son, Professor Chosuke Serizawa, a renowned archeologist and Director of the Serizawa Keisuke Art and Craft Museum, presented an illustrated lecture on the life and work of his father on the day of the exhibition’s opening to the public.

The Mingei International Museum exhibition documentary videotape, THE ART OF KEISUKE SERIZAWA was made possible by an anonymous foundation.

Upper South Rotunda Gallery and Multimedia Education Center


On View: Jan 01, 1998 - Jul 22, 1998

Curator: Shukuko Hamada and Akiko Honda

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