/ trap • ingz / noun
ornamental equipment and coverings for a horse or other animal

Timed with this year’s racing season and the first ever Breeder’s Cup event in Del Mar in November, this exhibition features objects from around the globe that celebrate the speed, power and serviceability of the horse and other noble beasts of burden.

Pulled from the Museum’s permanent collection and private lenders, this original exhibition will highlight classic horse figures and accoutrement of Asia and Europe; clay and wood horses of India; and artifacts of U.S., Native American and Mexican horse culture. Trappings for bullocks from Afghanistan to Indonesia, and camel trappings from Asia and the Middle East will also be shown, including a group of Iranian saddlebags.

TRAPPINGS will provide an experience through which to appreciate the beauty and nobility of fascinating creatures profoundly connected to the daily and festival rounds of human communities.


On View: May 26, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017

Curator: Rob Sidner

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