Donations to the Permanent Collection

The Museum’s Collections Committee meets regularly to review potential additions to the permanent collection. If you would like to submit an art object(s) for consideration, please fill out the Art Donation Request Form below. Due to storage limitations, the Museum is unable to accept drop-off donations at this time. Items that are reviewed by the Collections Committee and are not accepted for donation may be returned to the owner, or if the owner wishes, donated to Treasures Art Sale.

Donations for Treasures Art Sale

Treasures Art Sale is an annual sale of art objects donated to the Museum, but never accessioned into the collection. Mingei International Museum accepts donations to our annual Treasures Art Sale, specifically ethnographic clothing, beads and jewelry, housewares, textiles, ceramics objects and other quality items. Treasures proceeds directly support the Museum and its programs. Take advantage of this opportunity to support our mission.