Exhibitions / Art of the Americas

Mesoamerican, Pre-Columbian Art from Mingei's Permanent Collection

September 16, 2017 - February 18, 2018


Mingei International Museum once again joins a Getty Center-led initiative of collaborative efforts from arts institutions across Southern California. Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a far reaching and ambitious exploration and discussion of Latin American and Latino art from Los Angeles to the Mexico border. Mingei joins over 70 institutions, six of which are in San Diego, with one of the few exhibitions of ancient Latin American art.

ART OF THE AMERICAS is the most comprehensive presentation to date of the Museum’s significant holdings of objects used by people from the ancient cultures of Mexico, Central America and South America. Objects featured in the exhibition straddle cultural boundaries—from the Olmec and Mayan civilizations in Mexico to the Moche civilization in Peru—as well as numerous ancient traditions and cultures, including the indigenous Teuchitlán, Zoque, Huastec and western Mexican societies.

The works range from objects made for ritual and ceremonial use; such as figurines, vessels, and sculptures depicting gods, shamans, animals, marine life, and floral motifs; to objects for domestic use; including jars, bowls, spindle whorls, ocarinas (wind instruments), roller stamps used for decorating cloth, as well as adornments such as beads and ear plugs. A rare collection of Maya textile fragments and beads will also be presented.