Image: Cigar Silk Dress, 1880s, Unidentified maker, U.S.A, Silk, cotton. Collection Mingei International Museum, Gift of Annie Metzger and Susan Shershow, 2016-266-004A-B. Photo by Katie Gardner.

Hand-sewn and machine-made rugs, coverings, flags, and garments exhibit a stunning variety of embroidery, dyeing, and weaving techniques.


Cigar Silk Dress

1880s U.S.A.

The owner of this outfit was most likely its maker, and there is evidence of wear, indicating she wore her fabulous creation.


late 19th or early 20th century India, West Bengal or Bangladesh

Kantha quilts are often a token of love from a mother or grandmother on the occasion of a family member’s marriage or as a gift for a new-born child.

Shaker Rag Rug

c. 1930s U.S.A.

Created within a Shaker community, rag rugs, also known as “confetti rugs,” were used in home interiors.

"Antsa" Rug

c. 1960 Helsinki, Finland

This thickly piled rug or rya was designed by Ritva Puotila.

Asafo Flag (frankaa)

1900-1950 Ghana

Graphic folk imagery and appliquéd designs illustrate Akan proverbs in which messages to opponents are displayed, customs are remembered and oral traditions are preserved.