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WILLIAM L. HAWKINS: An Imaginative Geography

Of the hundreds of artworks created during Hawkins' life, this guide explores nine works included in the landmark exhibition, William Hawkins: An Imaginative Geography, as curated by Susan Mitchell Crawley.

ISRAEL: 70 Years of Craft and Design

Celebrating the art and innovation of Israel’s diverse people through a rich range of objects of daily use.

VOLUMINOUS ART: Treasures from San Diego's University Libraries

The magic of books is undeniable. Readers are able to simply flip the pages to unlock their next adventure.

Adornment, Beads & Recycled Materials

Fifth Grade lesson plan created in conjunction with the Museum’s current installation, Beads From Our Permanent Collection and is a great pre- and post-visit tool to use in your classroom.

WEAVING A PATH: Navajo Women and the Feminine Ethos

Featuring distinctive rugs and blankets of the Southwest United States, created by Diné (Navajo) women, with geometric designs and patterns, all from Mingei International Museum's permanent collection.

KANTHA: Recycled and Embroidered Textiles from Bengal

Kantha is a term used across the Indian sub-continent to describe decorative stitched quilting.


Educator's guide of Pre-Columbian Art from the Museum's collection with information, lessons and ideas for educators. This guide is designed for grades 3–12. Ideas and lessons can easily be adapted to other grade levels as needed.

TRAPPINGS: Homage to the Horse and Other Steeds

This exhibition features objects from around the globe that celebrate the speed, power and serviceability of the horse and other animals that are ridden and used by humans.

KANBAN: Traditional Shop Signs of Japan

This exhibition includes over 60 traditional Japanese shop signs from the 18th to 20th centuries.


This exhibition is dedicated to three centuries of American and European folk art from the Museum’s permanent collection, with many artworks on view for the very first time.


This exhibition is a fifty-five year retrospective of the work of the local Danish-born American artist Erik Gronborg (b. 1931). Gronborg is best-known for his work with playful and colorful ceramics inspired by his environment.


This exhibition presents artful objects of daily use from cultures across the globe.


This exhibition introduces a category of compelling items never before exhibited or studied in Japan or the West—Japanese lacquer makers’ tools.

MINGEI OF JAPAN: Treasures New and Old

Almost a hundred years ago, the Japanese scholar Soetsu Yanagi coined the term mingei— everybody’s art—to draw attention to objects that were made by hand for daily use, according to the age-old traditions of Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.


Asafo Flags are created by the Fante people of the West African country of Ghana. The flags are visual representations of military organizations in Fante communities known as “Asafo.”

MADE IN AMERICA: Craft Icons of the 50 States

Educator's guide of traditional and contemporary craft icons exploring regional and national craft traditions with information, lessons and ideas for educators. This guide was created for grades 3-8. This material can be adapted to other grade levels and needs.

SELF-TAUGHT GENIUS: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum

Featuring objects from the American Folk Art Museum that reflect American history and culture, this Curriculum Guide is designed to be readily adapted by educators teaching pre-K through high school levels.


This exhibition features the work of textile artist Kay Sekimachi and her late husband, woodturner Bob Stocksdale.

SURF CRAFT: Design and the Culture of Board Riding

Traditional craft, cutting-edge engineering and minimalist art converge in the Museum’s exhibition devoted to surfboards built from the late 19th century to the present day.

FUNCTION & FANTASY: William and Steven Ladd Scrollathon

Collaborators for over a decade, the work of brothers Steven and William Ladd is a mix of craft, fashion, design and art. Through their collaborative work, the Ladd’s have developed a unique social project termed a “Scrollathon” where they engage communities of all ages and social backgrounds to create original works of art while leading a discussion on their values and encouraging participants to think about their own values.

BILL TRAYLOR Curriculum Guide

This exhibition includes approximately 63 drawings and paintings by self-taught Alabama artist Bill Traylor. Traylor is recognized as one of the finest American artists of the 20th century.

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