Image: Charles Thunyakij, Outreach Coordinator and Education Specialist, demonstrates clay caning to a classroom of 3rd graders.

Mingei Away for K-12 students

While our Museum undergoes renovation, our Education Team offers free, interactive and engaging classroom visits. Students will be able to explore the Museum’s diverse collection through images and objects that can be handled and touched. Mingei Away School Tours are based on availability. To be added to the waitlist, please fill out the form below.

Mingei Away Themes

Fantastical Creatures in Mexican Folk Art

Explore the bright, colorful and imaginative creatures represented in Mexican folk art by taking a closer look at alebrijes and other fantastical creatures. We will compare and contrast designs and processes as well as interpret various figurative art forms.

Animals Everywhere

For centuries, humans have been depicting animals in art. In this presentation, we will explore animals in sculpture, everyday objects, tools, and other handmade objects. We will consider the works’ culture, process, use, and meaning.

Family Stories in Art

Art is often used to portray families and their unique traditions. During this discussion, we will explore the concept of family and community, considering the similarities and differences among them. Students will reflect on their own family stories through symbols and meaningful objects.

The Elements of Art

Using works from Mingei’s permanent collection, we will interpret and observe through the lens of the elements of art. Students will take a closer look at the color, form, line, shape, space and texture of each unique artwork.

Masks from Around the World

Explore the many artistic expressions, meanings and rituals behind masks in cultures all around the world. Masks are used to transform and tell stories. During this discussion, we will think about how masks are used, and the many ideas and symbols they represent. We will also consider how masks differ from other art forms typically seen in museums.

Animals in Japanese Folk Art

Animals are a popular subject of Japanese folk art. During this discussion, we will explore the depiction of animals in objects of play, ritual and everyday use. Through observation and storytelling, we will consider the deeper meaning and symbolism of these colorful and expressive animals in Japanese culture.