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The San Diego region we call home has a thriving arts and culture community bursting with creativity. From food to films the neighborhoods here have it all, and as a Museum that celebrates art in all forms, it is an honor to amplify the work of our creative friends by providing them space in our building, free of charge.

Community Mondays is a program that shares the La Atalaya Foundation Theater, with under-resourced arts and culture nonprofit organizations located in and around the San Diego area. Partners can put on exhibitions, performances, film screenings or other events of their choice.

Community Spotlight is another program that highlights the local artists and cultural organizations Mingei partners with for Community Mondays by providing them space to create an installation in our East Entrance niche.

Previously in the Niche: PASACAT

In December of 2021 artists, Matthew Padrigan and Gemma Cabato from PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company installed a stunning display of parol star lanterns and traditional Filipino dress.

This installation featured parols, Filipino ornamental lanterns, displayed during the Christmas season. The name comes from the Spanish word “farol” which translates to “lantern.” It is traditionally used during the lubenas, a religious procession, to light the way for devotees during the nine-day dawn Mass called Simbang Gabi, also known as Misa de Aguinaldo or Misa de Gallo.

Also in the installation was a replica of a serpentina style dress worn by women in the early 1900s, a Baro’t Saya, as well as a Barong worn by men and typically woven from abaca, pineapple or silk fibers. There is also a gourd tabungaw hat, typically worn by men in the northern region of Ilocos and a panyo handkerchief draped over the shoulder.

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