2024 Spring Appeal | Mingei International Museum

Dear Friend,

In all the years I’ve been at Mingei, talking with members and visitors has always been my favorite activity. I try to listen and learn, always aiming to understand what draws people to our Museum. I often ask, “What do you love about Mingei?”.

Each person’s passion for Mingei is as distinct as the more than 100,000 visitors who spend time in our galleries each year. Through each conversation, I learn new reasons why Mingei makes a difference. Here are a few I want to highlight:

  • Mingei is a special place, singular among museums in the region and beyond. People love how we celebrate human creativity and beauty in everyday objects, and the global scope of our exhibitions.
  • The creative community is a vibrant part of Mingei. Learners of all ages can connect with local artists and makers at many of our programs.
  • We share our space, and everyone feels welcome. Since last April, our Community Mondays program has provided space for a diverse group of 20+ smaller nonprofits to gather or perform, free of charge.

“Everything about being at Mingei was so uplifting. You’re on a roll!” - Mingei Member

You are a part of everything we do. We aren't Mingei without you! The Museum now has double the visitors and double the programs. And we also have double the staff to make it all happen. Your gift to our Spring Appeal — at any amount will help sustain everything we do in the months ahead.

Mingei’s Board of Trustees will match your gift to this appeal, up to $60,000! Please know your gift will be matched and will help us to create more moments for visitors to fall in love with at Mingei.

Next time we see each other, please tell me why you support Mingei! Or send me an email — I love hearing from you. And you know what else I love about Mingei? The incredible group of donors, members, visitors, artists, and staff at the heart of our Museum community.

In partnership,

Jessica Hanson York
Executive Director & CEO

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