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American Specialty Health

Claire Anderson

Arizona Community Foundation

Joyce Axelrod and Joseph Fisch

Elaine Baldwin

Bob and Gail Bardin

Cia and Larry Barron

Border UX

Althea M. Brimm

Gordon Brodfuehrer

Carmela Caldera Bowen


Robert Caplan and Carol Randolph

Bambos Charalambous

Joy Charney

City of San Diego

Forrest D. Colburn

Commission for Arts and Culture

Roger C. Cornell, M.D.

County of San Diego

Ann Rea Craig

Alison Cummings

Kathy Davis

The Dawe Family in memory of Jim Dawe

Katy and Mike Dessent

Carol Dickinson

Berit and Tom Durler

Heidi and John Farkash

Dr. Carl Findley III and Mrs. Jennifer R. Findley

Caroline Frederick

Catherine R. Friedman

Hal and Pam Fuson

Jan Garbosky

Jim Gaudineer


William T. Georgis in honor of Rob Sidner

Judi Gottchalk in honor of Joyce Axelrod

Leslie Grace

Mike Hallor and Ellen Sidner Hallor

Lawrence and Suzanne Hess

Ingrid Hibben and Victor La Magna

Carol F. Hinrichs

Nancy and Steve Howard

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Marsha Janger and Richard Shapiro

Dolores Johnston

Kathy and Rob Jones

Michael and Patricia Kelly

Maureen and Charles King

Angelina and Fredrick Kleinbub

Zoe and Eric Kleinbub

Theresa F. Lai

Gail Laughlin

Legler Benbough Foundation in honor of Rob Sidner

LUCE et studio

Kyong and Daniel Macek

Alexis MacMillan

Julianne and Gregory Markow

Jack McGrory

The Miller Hull Partnership

Rena Minisi and Rich Paul

MiraCosta College

Carl D. Nelson

Judith Nicolaidis

Karen O’Neill

Carolyn and Tom Owen-Towle

Catherine and Robert Palmer

The Parker Foundation

Margaret Pearson

James Niels Poulsen

Pratt Memorial Fund

The Conrad Prebys Foundation

Claudia Prescott

Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation

Price Philanthropies Foundation

The Honorable Anne-Imelda Radice, PhD

Mary M. Rathbun

Audrey S. Ratner

Tim and Ann Rice

Doug and Jan Rightmer

Judy Robbins

Raquel Rudoy

San Diego Foundation

Michele Schlecht

Gail Schneider and David Matlin

Pat and John Seiber

Douglas Shamburger

Rob Sidner

Anne Sidner and Chuck Tonti

Kwan and Marion So

Jeanette Stevens

Gwen Stoughton

Catherine Stout

Lisa Sidner Suydam

Takahashi Family Charitable Fund

Traina Design

Helen E. Wagner

Christy Walton

Jo and Howard Weiner

Abby and Ray Weiss

Ellen and Bill Whelan

Al and Armi Williams

Richard P. Woltman

Li-Ann Wong

Donors of note January 8 to June 30, 2022

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