For over seven decades, Arline Fisch has been weaving, knitting, crocheting, braiding and hammering metal into exquisite articles of jewelry and adornment intended for the female form.

Born in Brooklyn, in 1931, Fisch was inspired by childhood trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and other museums, as well as the theatrical, musical and architectural history of New York City.  In 1961, Fisch was asked to establish and head-up a newly created jewelry program at San Diego State University – which provided her fresh artistic inspiration via Southern California’s sensory-engaging qualities of color, form and scale, as well as new opportunities for travel and research. Visiting museums in the U.S. and Europe, Mexico and Central and South America, exposed Fisch to the history of art across the globe.

Travel is a catalyst for her creative process, and her work evolves out of what she has seen. Fisch notes of her travels and artistic output: “I tend to mix up what I’ve seen or studied so that it is difficult to tell what has influenced any particular piece.” This exhibition includes approximately 30 necklaces, brooches, bracelets and pendants, as well as body ornaments such as a pectoral, headpiece, belt buckle, and pomanders—many on loan from the artist, and inspired by her experiences. In addition to jewelry, a collection of knitted and crocheted color-coated wire hanging flowers and sea creatures will also be on view.


On View: Jun 17, 2017 - Jan 07, 2018

Curator: Christine Hietbrink

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