Over/Under | Mingei International Museum
On View

Nov 4, 2023 - Mar 10, 2024

Curated By

Emily Hanna

The words over and under call our attention to something spatial, inviting us to imagine a maker’s hands systematically working, weaving, transforming filaments of thread or grass, bark or wire, into something whole - a basket, a rug, a fish trap, a fan.  

Woven crafts have been part of the human experience since our earliest beginnings. In some cultures, the skill of weaving is tied to a mythical teacher, such as a spider weaving its web. Woven objects continue to be made around the world as objects of use, and also as works of art to be contemplated for their beauty and technical mastery. 

This exhibition features over 75 works, including textiles, basketry, garments, hats, toys, jewelry, and more. Examples include giant fish traps from the Philippines, a Japanese silkworm basket and traditional woven rain boots, and Egyptian woven textiles. Local makers include Kumeyaay artist Eva Salazar, weaver Sarah Winston, and others.

A major component of the exhibition is a large mural by San Diego artist Yomar Augusto, whose lyrical, linear paintings evoke woven forms. 

Press Materials

Featured Works
Rectangular Basket with Fabric Cover, Gift of Esther and Morgan Sinclaire, Japan, Bamboo, cotton, 200905147.
Dan Friday Kwul Kwul Tw, Small Matte Citron Sweetgrass Glass Basket with Turquoise Lip”, Woven Cane Mosaic Glass, Museum Purchase.
Chair, Wood, twine, Bequest of Alice Di Gesu, 2006 – 15-001A‑B
Shrimp Trap, 20th Century, Reed, Indonesia, Museum Purchase, 200404001
Thomas Hull, Five Intersecting Tetrahedra”, 2002, U.S.A., Paper, Gift of the Artist, 200253001.

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