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Art-Making Activities at Home

Family Sunday from Home: Nature Pinch Pots

Play and create with found objects and clay.

Family Sunday from Home: Tapa Cloths

Explore printmaking techniques inspired by Tapa cloths.

Family Sunday from Home: Chinese Lantern

Learn how to make a Chinese lantern with Development & Engagement Director of Pacific Arts Movement.

Family Sunday from Home: Nature Self-Portrait

Use natural materials like flowers, branches and leaves to create a self-portrait.

March Family Sunday from Home: Sankofa

Learn how to make a vibrant sankofa inspired bird with the Soultry Sisters.

February Family Sunday from Home: Masks

Join Hip Hop artist and community leader Ramel Wallace as he shows us how to make a mask and shares how masks shaped the work of one of his artistic influencers, MF Doom.

January Family Sunday from Home: Daruma doll

Make a Daruma doll using traditional clay, paint and some techniques we will teach you along the way.

December Family Sunday From Home: Parol

Celebrate the holiday season by creating a traditional Filipino parol, a star-shaped lantern.

November Family Sunday From Home: Oshibana Charm

Create an oshibana charm using pressed flowers and leaves.

October Family Sunday From Home: Sugar Skull Piñata

Honor Day of the Dead and create your own sugar skull piñata from home with piñata artist Diana Benavidez.

September Family Sunday From Home: Bat Mobile

Create a hanging Halloween bat mobile inspired by award-winning illustrator Susie Ghahremani’s whimsical illustrations in She Wanted to Be Haunted, written by Marcus Ewert.

August Family Sunday From Home: Maneki Neko Finger Puppets

Create a finger puppet inspired by the Museum’s collection of maneki neko using felt, glue and a simple stitch.

July Family Sunday From Home: Wishing Plaques (ema)

Paint your own ema, a wooden wishing plaque, to hang in a special spot in your home. Emas are found in shrines and temples throughout Japan and usually depict horses or other animals representing a challenge the wisher wants to overcome.

June Family Sunday From Home: Plant Stamped Textiles

Learn how to make a stamped wall hanging using leaves, flowers, paint and fabric inspired by block printed textiles in our Collection. Block printing has been used in India since at least the 12th century and is still being practiced by artisans throughout the country today. Block printing is used to stamp the lengths of cotton fabric using hand-carved woodblocks and paint.

May Family Sunday From Home: Clay Animals

Learn how to sculpt Mexican folk art inspired clay animals. Mexico is rich with natural resources like clay and dyes, making these dogs popular folk art. Dogs have been an important part of Mexican culture dating back to the Aztec period. Mold a sculpture of a dog, rooster, cat or any other animal and use paint to add the final touches.

April Family Sunday From Home: Milagro Pins

Learn how to create the heart-shaped tin milagro pins inspired by milagros in our collections. Traditionally milagros (meaning miracle in Spanish) are used as folk charms or decorative items. Create a pin for yourself or gift it to someone you love.

Family Sunday is made possible through a generous grant from the ResMed Foundation and by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Please Note

Masks are required for all guests (ages 2+) inside the Museum, regardless of vaccination status.