Outreach at Home | Mingei International Museum

Mingei’s Outreach at Home Series provides teachers and students educational materials to learn and create art in their own spaces.

Incense & Holders 101

Explore the basics of incense making by examining the smells and textures of nature and your own kitchen as you wedge, knead and shape your way into the scented world of incense.

Sewing and Quilting 101

Learn the basics of sewing while being introduced to the art of quilting. Students will learn how to sew a running stitch and whipstitch, and how to tie off their stitches, as they create their own unique four patch quilt.

Art is for everyone!

Mingei offers students and teachers the opportunity to interact with folk art, craft and design from all eras and cultures. Our exhibition and curriculum guides complement detailed instruction and bring art historical periods to life.

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Explore folk art, craft, and design from across cultures and time.