mox·​ie (ˈmäk-sē)

noun. energy, pep

courage, determination


STUDENT CRAFT 2020: High School Moxie, is a juried high school craft exhibition hosted by the San Diego State University Downtown Gallery in Summer 2020. Mingei International Museum will select works aligned with the mission of international folk art, craft and design, with a focus on craft conveying a high school student's courage, energy and unique talent. All student work submitted must be made by hand during the 2019/20 school year. Mingei welcomes all craft forms including, but not limited to clay, metal, jewelry, furniture design, glass, textiles, weaving, basketry, fashion design and craft-based mixed media.

This exhibition is designed to celebrate important craft traditions that continue to be taught, practiced and supported at high schools across San Diego county.


  • Each teacher will be allowed to submit 20 works total
  • Only one work per student will be selected for the exhibition; however, up to 3 works may be submitted for consideration
  • All works must have been completed during the 2019/20 school year by a current high school student.
  • All work must be created using craft-based mediums; this includes but is not limited to clay, metal, jewelry, furniture design, glass, textiles, weaving, basketry, fashion design and craft-based mixed media


All work must be submitted:

  • Through the Museum’s exhibition submission website, available here on January 1, 2020.
  • By the classroom teacher or supervising educator
  • 2-3 clear photographs of each of work must be submitted, giving a sense of the piece from different angles


  • Submissions are due by the end of the day on Sunday, May 31
  • Selections will be finalized by Thursday, June 4
  • Selected works must be delivered to the SDSU Downtown Gallery on Wednesday, June 2 or Thursday, July 2
  • The opening reception will be on Saturday, July 11
  • The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, August 23


The 2020 R. Stephen and Nancy D. Howard Scholarship has been established to financially assist students to continue their artistic interests as demonstrated in the Mingei Student Craft Exhibition. Early experiences in the creative arts have enhanced the Howards’ own professional and retired lives, and with this fund, they wish to encourage a similar interest in the arts that would carry on through life, regardless of career path, inspiring students to further their own innate creativity.

Scholarship Timeline

  • The scholarship application will be available for download on Wednesday, April 1
  • Applications will be accepted after exhibition selections are finalized on Thursday, June 4
  • Completed applications are due by Monday, June 8