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The re-imagined Mingei is a reality—a gift to our vibrant, creative community and the cross-border region.

We invite you to make your mark on the transformed Mingei! To spark your interest, we’ve provided options below that have a significant impact on our transformation. Now is the perfect time to secure a spot where your name, or your family’s name, can be recognized in this exciting new Museum.

More than 700 community members have already contributed to this project, and we need your help to reach the finish line! A gift of any amount aids our Capital Campaign.

Classroom Cubbies

$1,000 per cubby

There are only 48 sweet chances to see your name (or a kiddo or family name) on one of the cubbies in the Museum’s new Education Center. These lockers will hold all the belongings for young creatives visiting the Mingei classroom for the day. Snag yours today! Names will be added to the front of the locker. 

Limit two per household. 

Theater Seats

$2,500 per chair

Have your name inscribed on one of the Theater’s iconic Arne Jacobsen chairs. The Theater will be a place for performances, lectures, concerts, films and more, with a 40’ glass door that frames the south wall and opens completely to the amphitheater. The chairs are classic examples of Danish design, rounding out the beautiful new space with flexible seating arrangements. A limited number of these special chairs available—don’t miss this chance to be recognized! 

For other major naming opportunities, such as the walk-up coffee bar, terraces and more, please get in touch with a member of the Advancement team.

Take part in Mingei's Transformation.

Donate Today


Contact Development Manager, Heather Kerner, for more information on how to donate.
(619) 704-7504

Thank you for supporting Mingei's transformation!

During the last six years, nearly 700 Mingei friends have contributed to the transformation project's capital campaign. Thank you for your interest, encouragement, faith and support. This has been a community effort in support of a community space.

All donors to the capital campaign, as of 8/25/2021


Terry and Bonnie Abajian

Malvina Abbott

Rick Accurso and Paige Gilman

Karen Acquista

Pamela and Gordon Adler

Karen and Kenji Akahoshi

Eugene A. and Patricia C. Alfaro

Gary Allard

Daniel T. and June A. Allen

Allied Crafts Council of San Diego

Alumbra Innovations Foundation

Claire Anderson

Ellen Anderson

Nancy Anderson

Helena Angelides

Alicia M. Annas

Arleene Antin and Leonard Ozerkis

Nichole Augustin

Yomar Augusto *

Sally Ault

Joyce Axelrod and Joseph J. Fisch

John and Greti Baez

Elizabeth Baker

Warren and Barbara Bakley

Elaine Baldwin

Drs. Joseph Ball and Jennifer Taschek

The Baratz Family

Larry J. and Lucinda Barrick

Cia and Larry Barron

Jan Bart

Jan Bast

Lori Baxter

Susan Baxter

Stuart Bean

Connie Beardsley

Bob Beasley and Mayme Kline

Lauren Beaudry

Ms. Linda E. Becker

Mary Beebe and Charles Reilly

Maurine Beinbrink and James Algert

Marian Benassi

Stacey Rae Bergeson

Sandra Bernal

Doris Besikof and James Besikof

Maryana Bhak

Vivian B. Biely

Susan Bienkowski

James and Marie Biers

Marilyn Billingsley and Kirby Pray

Marilyn Bintz

Charles and Charlotte Bird

Craig and Norma Blakey

Bloomingdale's Fund of the Macy’s Foundation

Angelina Boaz

Nora Bodrian

Arthur Boothroyd and Carol Mackersie

Nila Boquin

Penelope Borax

Shela and Gerald Bordin

Tracy Borkum

David E. Boufford

Karen G. and Robert A. Bowden

Pat Boyce and Debbie Fritsch

Susan and Steve Bralove

Dawna M. Bratten

Robert and Maxine Braude

Molly and Charles Brazell

Rich and Beth Brenner

Maria Breshkova

Devra Breslow

Althea M. Brimm

Gordon Brodfuehrer

Dena Broeders

Bonnie J. Brown

Rhonda Brown

Ellen Brown Merewether

Harold and Colene Brown Family Foundation

Robert Buchanan

Lisa Burger

Ellena Burman

Maribah Bushell

Sandi Calabough

Dr. Mary Ann Calcott

Carmela Caldera Bowen

California Cultural and Historical Endowment

Harriet Campe

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Canada

Robert Caplan and Carol Randolph

Lisa Capper and Wm Jesse King

Carole Carden

Kathleen and Earl Certain

Marissa Cervantes-Flores

Dr. Kathleen Charla

Dominique Chavez

Loretta and Mark Chavez

Simma Chester

Christian Wheeler Engineering

Jessie Chu

City National Bank

Lynda Claassen

Scott Claster

Kate Clyde

Linda Coates

Bette Cohen

Renee Cokin

Lisa Colton

Joe and Ramona Colwell

Rosemary Comito

Cecelia Conover

Vern and Jeanene Cook

Coop Cooprider

Joann and Roy Corder

Roger C. Cornell, M.D.

Beth Corrick

Don Cotton

Karen L. Coulthard

County of San Diego

Karen & McDermot Coutts

Ann Rea Craig

Marion E. Craven

Kathleen Cudahy

Patricia Cué

Maureen Culhane and Roberta Edge

Alison Cummings

Stacy and Kurt Dahlvig

Donna Damson

Gary and Denise David

David Reed Landscape Architects

Paula Davidsen

Jim and Mary Dawe

Anna De Angelis

Caroline DeMar

Gerald and Bozier Demaree

Kristina Dendinger

Katy and Mike Dessent

Alice and Doug Diamond

Carol Dickinson

The Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation

Olivia and Clive Dorman

Cydney Douglas

Rumi Dover

Dr. Seuss Fund at The San Diego Foundation

Joann Driggers

Jack and Lorrain Duffy

Berit and Tom Durler

Karen and Bruce Dyer

Mary Earnest and Jonathan Parker

ArtWorks San Diego

Arlene Eding

Jerome Eggers

Bernard J. Eggertsen and Florence Nemkov

Drs. Steve Eilenberg and Marie Tartar

Stephanie Ellis

Molitor/Emer Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Judy and Ron Endeman

Ann Enkoji

Jeane Erley

Gina Escobar

Richard Esparza and Lauraine Brekke-Esparza

Alfred and Karin Esser Charitable Fund

Janet and Mark Evans

Ellen Fager

Gina Farkas

Heidi and John Farkash

Heidrun Faulconer

Lynn and Larry Feinberg

Marilyn K. Felfe

Norma Ferrara

Diane and Elliot Feuerstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Arline M. Fisch

Wendy Fish

Barbara and Al Fisher

Bena Fisher

Dale and Matthew Fisher

Barbara Fishman

Cecile Fleetwood

Flying Geese Quilters Guild

Jacque Lynn Foltyn

Ashley Fong and Alex Whitmore

Lotus Fragola

Sandra Francour

Sheila Frank

Caroline Frederick

Drs. Kathy French and William Kristan

Theresa Friederich-Takasugi and Wayne Takasugi

Catherine R. Friedman

Marion Froehlich

Hal and Pam Fuson

Claire S. Galli

Laura Gambucci

Jan Garbosky

Gardiner & Theobald Inc.

Susan Gardner and Thomas Gardner

J. R. Gates

Joyce M. Gattas, PhD

Jefferson Gauyan

The Barbara A. Gaynor Trust

Molly Gee

Dr. Seuss Fund at The San Diego Foundation

William T. Georgis

Colette O. Gerard-Kitnovski

Nelson and Priscilla Gibbs

Ruth M. Gilbert

Polly Gillette

Dr. Faye Girsh

Leilani Gobaleza

Cara Golden

Donald and Dale Goldman

Laurel Gonsalves

Beverly Goodman

Michael Graves

Mia Gray

Marti Gray

Laura Green

Carla Grossini-Concha

Mary Lou and John Grossmann

Barbara and George Groth

Manuel Gutierrez

Gail and Douglas Hall

Mike Hallor and Ellen Sidner Hallor

Ms. Lisa Hamilton

Rebecca Handelsman

Lisa Haney

Greta Hansen

The WaHaDo Family

Andrea Hanson and Chris Szwedo

Ann Hanson

Jay and Mary Hanson

R. E. Hanson

Robert Hanson

Jessica Hanson York and Keith York

Kerris Hardman

Carol Harlow

Claire Harootunian

Patrick Harrison and Eleanor Lynch

Jake Harshbarger Trust

Barbara and Jim Hartung

Diana Hawes

Kitty Hayes

Susan S. Hayes

Joan B. Heaney Trust

Devon Hedding and George Boyd

Kathi Herter

Lawrence and Suzanne Hess

Ingrid Hibben and Victor La Magna

Christine Knoke Hietbrink

Kenneth High

Lindsay and Dianne Hill

Carol F. Hinrichs

Linda Hirshberg

Julie Hocking

Susan Hoekenga

Sarah Holbach

Judy Hollingshead

Robyn Hollingshead

Laurel Holloway

Marilee Hong

Jane Hopkins

Meredith Hoskins

Howard Foundation

Nikki Hrountas

Geoffrey Hueter and Laura Henson

Meta Butler Hunt

Scott and Carolyn Ingham

Ms. Camilla Ingram and Dr. Craig Barilotti

Laury Isenberg

Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Stan and Patty Jacobs

Nora Jaffe and Sarah Jaffe

Padma Jagannathan

Nancy B. James

Conny Jamison

Marsha Janger and Richard Shapiro

Nancy C. Janus

Diane Jaynes

Keri Jhaveri

Margaret Johnson

Dr. Sheila Johnson

Dolores Johnston and Jane Walder

Thesa Jolly

Cass Jones

Kathy and Rob Jones

Sonja Jones

Louise Julig

Soo Ryeong Jung

Miriam L. Jupp

Christine Justice

Sharon L. Kalemkiarian

Ai Kanazawa

Samantha Kaplan

Lynn Kaufman

Anne-Marie Kaukonen

Maurice M. Kawashima

Marie Keech

Robert A. Keith

Bob and Debi Kelly

Kristin Kelly

Dr. Patricia R. Kelly and Mr. Michael Kelly

Charles Kennel and Ellen Lehman

Heather and Ron Kerner

Maureen and Charles King

Michael Kinnamon

Kathleen V. Kish

Jan Klauber and Jim Melli

Helen S. Klein

Roberta Klein

Angelina and Fredrick Kleinbub

Eric and Zoe Kleinbub

Mayme Kline and Robert Beasley

Thomas Klysa

Bonnie Knoke

Dave and Sue Knop

Nancy and Curt Koch

Jean F. Kockinos

Ellen Koutsky and Cliff Shults

Roberta Kovitz and Greg Jackson

Rita Krieger

Karen Krug

Martin and Barbara Kruming

The Kubo Family

Klonie Kunzel

Sergey and Tatyana Kupriyanov

Peter and Sue Ladouceur

Jane LaFazio and Don Strom

Theresa F. Lai

Elizabeth Lancaster and Eli Shefter

Aili Langseth

Anna Laroque

Jack L. Larsen

Eloise Lau and Dan Kinnard

Gail Laughlin

Barbara Lavinio-Schmitz and Richard Schmitz

Alan Lawson

Sam Lee

Legler Benbough Foundation

Paula LeGros

Ms. Susan Lehman

Richard Forsyth and Kate Leonard

Katie and Jeff Lessard

Mimi Levinson

Monchel Lewis

Michael and Teresa Lewis

Liang and Zee Foundation

Michelle Lin

Michele Linback

Marsha Lindbeck

Patricia Lindquist

Nancy Lindsay

Katherine Linsley

Robin J. Lipman

Jean Litchfield

Eric and Suellen Lodge

Suellen and Eric Lodge

Tor Gronborg and Michelle Look, M.D.

Patricia R. Low and Mark W. Majette

Claudia Lowenstein

David Lubs and Jan Barry

Robin B. Luby

Jennifer Luce

LUCE et studio

Bosco and Debbie Luján

The Lundsten Family

Andrea Lynn

Ms. Glenda Lynne

Judy K. MacDonald

Greg and Carly Malone

Beverly Maloof

Allison Manch and Ian Young

Joan and Doug Mann

Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies

Rose Mario

Brittany Mark

Julianne and Gregory Markow

Harry Markowitz

Susan Marrinan

Harold and Beverly Martyn

Emma Maruska

Gene and Marilyn Marx

Sue Mason

Betsy H. Massee

Ambassador Richard C. Matheron

Sara Matta

Margaret Matter

Peggy Matthews Trust

Eva Matthews

Gary Mayers

Amy Mayfield

Carol Mayfield

Maureen J. McBreen

Karen H. McBride

Ann A. McDonald

Judy McDonald

Christine McFadden

Duncan and Nancy McGehee

Courtenay C. McGowen

Douglas and Susan McLeod

Victoria McQueen

Ernest Meadows

Meadows Family Trust

Mathías Meier

Renee Menard

Carol J. Mendoza

Judith Menzel

Joanne Meredith

Elinor Merl and Mark Brodie

Susan Merritt and Calvin Woo

Timothy Mertel

James and Estelle Milch Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Carol Miller Trust

Susan Milner

Bonnie Minamide

Mingei Docent Council

Rena Minisi and Rich Paul

Laurie Mitchell and Brent Woods

Deborah Moceri

Billie Moffitt

Nessa Moll

Capt. and Mrs. Gary E. Monell

Tony, Joanne, Ruby and Sabrina Montegna

Sandy Monzon

Christopher Moore

Judith Blakely Morgan

Amy and Bill Morris

Liz Morrison

Trista Morrison

Virginia Morse

Lucas Morton

Marian Moses

Gillian Moss

Rebecca and David Mrachek

Daniel Mueller and JoAnn Pari-Mueller

Ms. K. J. Mueller

Karen and Tom Mulvaney

Michele Murphy

Hayley Murugesan

Sheena and Wayne Myers

George Nakashima Woodworkers *

Francine and Edward Navakas

Helen P. Neal

Lucille and Ron Neeley

Deborah Neff

Anne Neiger

Carl D. Nelson

Joani Nelson

Lyn Nelson

Nancy Nenow

Rhoda Nevins and Eddie Kleiman

Judith Nicolaidis

Adelle Nicolas

Caroline and Nick Nordquist

Amber O'Banion and Alexis O'Banion

Micki Olin & Dr. Reid Abrams

Virginia Oliver

Ann and Darwin Olsen

L. O'Neil

Orness Design Group

Bettina Hahn Osborne

Ann R. Oster

Jeffrey Ott and Julie Tupper

Carolyn and Tom Owen-Towle

Arline Paa

Charles and Kim Pack

Stephanie Pagaduan

Catherine and Robert Palmer

Deborah and Raymond Park

Irene Parra

Virginia S. Patch

Michael and Meghan Pattison

Brenda Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pecht

Pat Pepper

Gwendolyn Perchard

Sharon Perkowski and Mariah Smith

Mark and Jeanene Perry

Penelope Perryman

Frances Petefish

Laurie Smith Peters

Jeanette and Kirk Peterson

Gale and James Petrie

Maryanne and Irwin Pfister

Maureen Phillips

Tipper and Chuck J. Phillips

Elizabeth and Parker Piner

Nina and Chuck Podhorsky

Ann Pogue and Mary-Anne McKiechan

Susan and Tom Polakiewicz

Blaise and William Pope

Kent and Jill Porter

Kristi Porter

Victoria Powers and Gary Tilton

Drs. Julie Prazich and Sara Rosenthal

The Conrad Prebys Foundation

Claudia Prescott

Price Philanthropies

Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation

Josh Prottas

Ann and John Pyles

Kerianne Quick

Fredric Raab

Martha Radatz

Elke Radelow

Dennis Ragen and Christine Hickman

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

John and Lesley Randall

Mary M. Rathbun

Audrey S. Ratner

James Rawitsch

Jeanne Rawlings and John Lamb

Jerry Ray

Nancy Rech

Vicki and Jack Reed

Robert Reese

Barbara Reiland

Dannie Sue and John Reis

Zandra Rhodes *

Anne Ricart

Tim and Ann Rice

Robert Richter

Doug and Jan Rightmer

Susan Riley

Robert Risman

Mixely Rivera

Alan and Judy Robbins

Janet Robbins

Bea and Tom Roberts

Toni Robin TR/PR

Monchel Robinson

Paulette Rodgers-Leahy

Dr. Sue R. Rosner

Allison Rossett

Joyleen Rottenstein

Tina Rounsavell

Karl Rudnick and Jill Cooper

Raquel Rudoy

John and Bonnie Rush

Patricia Rutledge

Chelsea Ruwe

Constance Saindon

Teresa Salerno

Steve and Sherry Saltzman

Richard Samudio

Robert and Lora Sandroni

Cathy Sang

Carolyn Satter and Rachel Silvis

Lynne and Robert Schaffer

Mark Schantz

Robert Schantz

Allie Schienle

Susan Schiffer

Michele Schlecht

Carol Schloo-Wright

Melissa Schmidt

Gail Schneider and David Matlin

Diane Schoeff

Jerry Schreiber

Connie Schroeder

Barbara Schwartz and James Smullen

Cris Scorza

Gordon and Theresa Seaburg

Judy Seerey

Pat and John Seiber

Elizabeth Seibold

Patt Seitas

Karen Seo and Daniel Lee

Taryn Serna

Barbara M. Seymour

Katerina Shahpazova

Eric and Susan Shapira

Andrea Shapiro

Curt Sherman

Susie Sherry Family

Virginia and Lawrence Sherwood

Janice Shigehara

Helen Shirk

Keith and Kim Shores

Marilyn R. and Ruth N. Sidler

The Sidner Family

Anne C. Sidner and R. Charles Tonti

Richard and Lisa Sidner

Rob Sidner

Linsey Silverstein

Ariane Sims

Gay Sinclair

Kara Sjoblom-Bay

Kathleen Sloan

Lisa Smith

Elizabeth and Walter Smoyer Family Trust

Nancy E. Snyder

Marion and Kwan So

Erica Sontheimer

Pete Spanos

Irving A. Sparks and Helen D. Sparks

Nancy and Alan Spector

Elisabeth Spiegelberg

Patricia White Sprague

Judith Springer

Gail Steel

Rosemary Stepner

Jeanette Stevens

Sandra Stevens

Kristin King Stevenson

Bonnie and Ray Stewart

Elizabeth and Lester Stiel

Julie and John Stone

Terra Stone

Deanne Stratton

Thomas Straus

Connie Strohbehn Kaczmarczyk

Crit Stuart

Susan Styn

Lisa Sidner Suydam

Paula and Mike Svoboda

Sandy and Michael Swirnoff

Susan L. and Mark Taggart

Tomoye Takahashi Trust

Takahashi Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation

Haeyoung Tang

Mr. Gerald L. Thiebolt

Charles Thunyakij

Keely Tidrow

Gloria Tierney

Tokyo Blonde

Irving G. Tragen

Shannon Tran

Eva Tseng

Patricia Tseng

Maria Turingan

Angie Turner

Hope Turney

Susan and Richard Ulevitch

Max Underwood

Urban Kitchen Group *

Heather Urquhart

Marilyn Vaughan

Marissa Ventura

Joseph and Deborah Verfaillie

Sally Viavada

Sara Vickers

Dr. Osvaldo Humberto Viveros and Mrs. Yolanda Viveros

Les Vivian and Marcia Biller

Violet Wagener

Nancy Walker

Robert D. Wallace

Patricia L. Waller

Skyla Wallmann

Nell Waltz

Katharine Wardle and Patricia Brennan

Warren Family Foundation

Deborah Warriner

Waters Fine Catering *

Sharon Watson

Rob Webster and Caryn Denerstein

Robert and Marilyn Wegner

Dr. and Mrs. M.D. Weinberg

Sarah Weinberg-Scalo

Jo and Howard Weiner

Doris Weingart

Abby and Ray Weiss

Rachel Wells

Peter Wendel

Linda J. West

Peter Wetzel

Ellen and Bill Whelan

Frances Hamilton White

Katherine White

Sarah Hamilton White and David W. Gray

M. E. Whitlock and Don Fithian

Judith A. Wilkinson

Sharon Will and Charles Kreysa

Al and Armi Williams

Carole Wilson and Robert Brandt

Elaine Wilson

Richard P. Woltman

Li-Ann Wong

David A. Wood

Dorothy B. Wood

Arch and Carol Woodard

Ann and Dan Worth

Jeffrey Wynne

Mike and Kaye Wynne

Xuereb Family

Emiliene M. Yaeger

Emilie S. Yanagi and Ronald Eng

Mildred Yi

Carol Young

Ann L. Zahner

Marian Zeldin and Anita Reith

LeAnna S. Zevely

Terri Peterson Zimdars

Myra J. Zimmerman

Barbara ZoBell​​

* in-kind
Donors in bold have contributed $100,000 or more.

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